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General Digital Tools FAQs

This article contains FAQs about various topics including cloud storage, signing into your account, and registration. 

Is the Cloud storage solution mandatory? 

No. MyImageCloud is an optional solution for those who do not have a secure data storage option. Hospital users who send image data to a PACS or VNA can continue to do so.  


Is GE Healthcare storing any data about my devices on its servers?  What data is GE Healthcare storing? 

Yes, GE Healthcare stores user details that is used to register a Vscan Air probe or App. This is legally required to enable tracking of the medical devices.  In addition, GE Healthcare stores account information for additional users. 


Usage history of probes and software version of the probe and App is also stored. 


GE Healthcare does not receive any PHI or image/exam data, except when a user is utilizing the MyImageCloud solution.


Are exams/images/PHI going to GE Healthcare servers?

Only if using MyImageCloud, which is a secure, HIPAA-compliant server. Data is sent to the signed-in user’s account.

Direct export to DICOM destinations is still available. In that case, data does not go to GE Healthcare servers.

For Fleet-enabled probes, MyImageCloud is not available.

I am not able to sign in. 

There may be a network issue or server issue. Please try again after some time.  You can still use Vscan Air to scan by clicking on Guest mode.


You may have entered an incorrect email ID or password. To reset your password, click the "Forgot Password" link on the sign-in page.

My account creation attempt is failing. 

You may have used an email ID that was previously used to create a GE Healthcare account and the information may not be matching what they you are entering in the Vscan Air app registration.  Or you may have multiple accounts to your name in the GE Healthcare database. Contact GE service to request a database check.


When I try to sign in, I see a blank grey box and a spinning wheel, but the sign-in fields aren't visible, or I receive an error message "server could not be reached". 


You might not be connected to the network. Check that you’re connected to Wi-Fi or have cellular data enabled for the Vscan Air App.  


Your organization’s firewall or Mobile Device Manager (MDM) might be blocking access to the GE Healthcare servers, which is required for signing in. Please refer to article: http://vscanair-support.gehealthcare.com/support/solutions/articles/47001185010-what-does-your-institution-s-mobile-device-manager-controls-the-content-on-your-device-mean-) for more details.

When I try to register a probe or app, I receive a “failed to register” message.

There are multiple reasons why this may happen. Confirm the mobile device has network connectivity and check for firewall-related issues (see above). Failed registrations can also happen if there is a data mismatch in your account.  This can happen if multiple registration attempts are made in a short interval or different accounts exist with the same customer information. Contact service with your email ID and probe serial # to request a database check.


I am locked out because I had too many failed sign-in attempts 

The system locks out for security purposes. The lock expires in one hour. Please try signing in after that time. If you do not remember the password, click on the Forgot Password link to reset it before attempting to sign in.


I am not able to register the probe I got from my organization. Registration is failing.

The probe may have the Fleet Solution enabled; in which case it can only be registered by an administrator. 


I use an iPhone and MyRemoteShare calls are not going through. 

Since Apple does not support a second Wi-Fi connection when the phone is connected to the probe, you will need to use cellular data for MyRemoteShare. You can enable cellular data for the Vscan Air App prior to starting a session. Note: Minimum 4G data service is required, and standard data rates will apply. You may also have an issue with receiving a cell signal in your current location.


I am in a hospital and calls are not going through. 

If you're using an Apple device, enable cellular data and Wi-Fi Assist. Make sure the hospital firewall is not blocking the access server. If so, please whitelist the following URL: https://api.zoom.us/v2/users.  You may also have an issue with receiving cell signal in your current location.

Products mentioned in this material may be subject to government regulation and may not be available in all countries. Please check with your local GE representative for details.




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