Operating System Options
Android phones and tablets with OS version 9, 10 or 11, device with 0x64 ARM based CPU architecture and 64-bit Kernel, Android open GL ES 3.0, and compatibility with Google Play™ store
iPad and iPhone devices with iOS 13 or 14

Screen Requirements
Size: from 5 to 20 inches
960 x 640 (or 640 x 960) pixel or more

Internal Memory Requirements
8GB or more

Connectivity Requirements
IEEE 802.11n
Peer-to-peer connectivity (Android only)
Bluetooth BLE 4.0

Security Requirements
Data on device must be encrypted and authentication enabled

Disclaimer: Using the Vscan Air app with a mobile device which does not meet the minimum requirements may result in low-quality images, unexpected results and possible misdiagnosis. The Vscan Air app may not work in all devices. A recommended step in testing a particular device compatibility is the download, installation and first use of the Vscan Air app in preview mode.