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First Time Registration

This article will take you through the steps to register your Vscan Air app on your mobile device - including registering for the first time, registering an additional device and registering an additional probe.

Vscan Air App Installation

For Vscan Air app installation, please follow the instructions shown in Vscan Air App

Create A Vscan Air User Account

1. Click on the Vscan Air app icon on the display device to start the app.

2. Press Register to start registrationStart registration

Start registration


NOTE: The Vscan Air app can be explored by selecting "Preview". In this mode, scanning is disabled.

3. Select Create.

Register the Vscan Air app

Register the Vscan Air app

4. Turn on Vscan Air CL.

Search for Vscan Air CL

Search for Vscan Air CL

NOTE: The Vscan Air probe will not be able to connect to the Vscan Air App if the Android or iOS mobile device is in 'Flight mode'.

5. Wait for initialization of Vscan Air CL.

Initialization of Vscan Air CL

Initialization of Vscan Air CL

6. Press the power button on Vscan Air CL to connect to the Vscan Air app.

Connect to Display

Connect to Display

7. Once Vscan Air CL is found, select “Continue registration”.

Vscan Air CL Detected

Vscan Air CL Detected

8. Enter the required information.

9. Confirm that given information is correct.

10. Check desired options to either participate in collaborative GEHC activities or to receive special offers and promotions.

11. Press Submit.

Registration Submission

12. An email is sent to your email address to validate the Vscan Air user account.

Email validation

Email Validation

NOTE: Please check your spam folder if not receiving the email for validating your user account.

13. Click the link in the email to validate the Vscan Air user account.

14. Confirm registration details.

Confirm Registration

15. Registration is complete. Security PIN can be set for secure data access by selecting 'Add security PIN' or proceed to 

      scanning by selecting 'Start scanning’.

Registration Complete

Registration Complete

16. To add a security PIN code after completing Vscan Air registration, See Device Security for more information

17. The Vscan Air CL is now connected to the app.

Vscan Air CL Activation

Vscan Air CL Activation

NOTE: When the Wi-Fi connection to the paired probe is unexpectedly lost, the Vscan Air App shows warning message as 'Lost connection to Probe' (see figure below).

Vscan Air CL Connection Lost

Vscan Air CL Connection Lost

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended to replace the product’s User Manual. Please consult the User Manual for comprehensive information and cautionary guidance about the product’s operation and use.


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