This article contains information about accessing MyDeviceHub digital tools as well as a tutorial for additional information. 

Watch a video to learn more about MyDeviceHub: 

How do I access MyDeviceHub?

Go to Here, you can sign in with your credentials. Note: you will require administrator privileges to use MyDeviceHub.


How do I get administrator access?

Sign into your account via 

Go to the Profile page from the top right and click the “Request Administrator Access.” Enter relevant details. The request will be sent to GE Healthcare, and you will receive an email when access is approved. 


Or you can ask your GE Healthcare Sales Representative to submit the administrator access form on your behalf.   


I’m an administrator, but I can’t see the MyDeviceHub page.

Ensure that your organization’s firewall is not blocking the URL   

As an administrator, can I enforce:

  • Auto-export and auto-delete after export for all mobile devices?
  • Auto-sign out duration?
  • Other features?

No. These settings cannot be set-up or changed in MyDeviceHub.  A registered user can change these settings on their mobile device via the app.

Can I prevent personal mobile devices from being paired so only organization-issued mobile devices are allowed?

This must be managed via Mobile Device Management (MDMs), which can prevent access to the organization’s servers for MWL queries and data export from devices that do not have your MDM.

With MyDeviceHub, you can restrict Fleet-enabled probes to certain user accounts (i.e., email addresses). But for an allowed user account, those credentials can be used to access the Vscan Air app via any mobile device.

Products mentioned in this material may be subject to government regulation and may not be available in all countries. Please check with your local GE representative for details.