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Audit logs

An audit log is essentially a record of events and changes. Audit logs typically capture events by recording who performed an activity, what activity was performed, and how the system responded.

Examples: Logging events related to Exam Data as for instance Add, Delete, Date/Time of data access.

In addition there are DICOM events being logged.

For exporting the audit log for review select «About | Export audit log».

Audit logs are anonymous with regards to patient and user details.

The Audit log will then be available as a text file stored internally on the display device as the shown below.

  • Internal storage:/Documents/AuditLog.txt (Android 10).
  • Files/On my iPad/Vscan Air/AuditLog.txt (iOS 14 on iPad).

Export audit log

NOTE: When storing the audit log file using an Android device the user will be given the option to choose the path and edit the file name before storing the file. This can be utilized to avoid overwriting

the old audit log file.

Android audit log export

NOTE: When storing the audit log file using an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) it will replace any already stored audit log file. If the audit log file or the Vscan folder is kept open in the background, the new file appears as another file with same file name. When the folder is refreshed (closed and opened again) the latest file will be displayed.

iOS audit log export

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended to replace the product’s User Manual. Please consult the User Manual for comprehensive information and cautionary guidance about the product’s operation and use.

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