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Probe LEDs simultaneous white flash until automatic shutdown

1. Is this the first attempt to pair this specific probe and mobile device?


Press the button on the side of the probe to allow it to pair with a new mobile device.


2. Are the probe and mobile device too far apart? 

iOS devices and Android tablets, typically within 1 meter
Android phone vary, and some must be within 10 centimeters


Move/orient the probe and mobile device with respect to one another, until the LEDs change to solid white (probe has found the mobile device and pairing has been initiated).

If the LEDs do not change to solid white at both ends:

- close the app fully (do not just put it in the background)
- confirm that Bluetooth is enabled via the device Settings
- launch the app and try again

If the problem persists:
- Reboot the probe (power it off and on again via the probe button) and the mobile device, launch the app and try again.

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