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Export Data To The Network Shared Folder


To export images/videos/exams from Vscan Air application to Network Shared Folder, follow the procedure below.

1. Swipe from right to left. 


    Press Exam icon on the top right corner.

Exam Icon


2. Press “Exams” tab and select the desired Exam from which you wish to share images/videos.

Exams Tab


3. Select the desired image or video you wish to export and Press the Share icon. See ‘Share individual images/videos’ for more information.


Select all images or videos you wish to export and Press the Share icon. See ‘Share all images/videos from an exam’ for more information.


Select the desired single/multiple exams you wish to export from Exams list and Press the Share icon. See ‘Share Exams’ for more information.


Select Images/Videos

4. Select the configured Network Shared Folder as storage destination and Press OK button to initiate the export.

If there are more than one configured Network Shared Folders, select the desired Network Shared     Folder as storage destination.

Share Images/Videos

NOTE: You can also select all the servers simultaneously, if you wish to share the data with all the servers that supports data exporting.
NOTE: You can export images/videos/exams to Network Shared Folder without assigning the patient details.

5. You will find Image Queue with remaining items in the Queue.

In addition to image queue you will also find export status of image/video/exam, where a green dot on the image/video/ exam indicates it is successfully exported and a red dot indicates the export is failed.

Image Queue


In one attempt you can export maximum of 200 images. When you try to export more than 200 images in a single attempt, application throws the following warning message.

Export limit warning message

NOTE: Once you initiates the export of images/Videos/Exam, the Protected Health Information related to that particular exam cannot be edited in the app.

Comprehensive Exam Info

While configuring network shared folder, you can optionally configure to export the below mentioned exam data along with images and videos. See ‘Configure Network Shared Folder’ for more information.

The exam data that can be exported to network shared folder along with the images and videos is the exam number, the patient’s first name, the patient’s last name and the patient ID.

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended to replace the product’s User Manual. Please consult the User Manual for comprehensive information and cautionary guidance about the product’s operation and use.

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