This situation arises when the network between an app device and the probe is still active. The fastest solution is to power off the probe via the power button if the desire is to turn it off (so that it does not stay on for 5 more minutes after the network is closed). But if another user wants to connect to this probe, the network must be closed first.

1. Is the app still open or in the background on the device that had been paired previously?

Close the app fully (do not just put it in the background)

Apple devices

Open Settings, select Wi-Fi, and if the selected network is the SSID of the probe (VAXXXXXXXX), either select it to see its details, and choose to Forget This Network, or just choose the SSID for a different network.

Android devices

1. Open Settings and navigate to the Wi-Fi Direct panel. Depending on the manufacturer of the Android device, the Wi-Fi Direct panel is found in different places in Settings. You can use the search capability to find it if it is not obvious.
2. When you are on the Wi-Fi Direct panel, you should see a list of Peer Devices, Available Devices, Remembered Groups or something similar.
3. Select the device that matches your probe (VAXXXXXXXX) to disconnect (it might show that it is either connected to tap to disconnect)