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Registration and Sign-in

This article contains information about creating an account with GE Healthcare as well as a tutorial for registration and sign-in to your account. 

I already have an account with GE Healthcare. Do I need to register again?  

You can use the same account and login credentials.


Where is the registration data stored? 

Registration data is stored in secure GE Healthcare servers located in the USA.


Why do I need to create an account? What is the benefit of creating an account?

Creating an account provides you with sign-in credentials. By requiring a sign-in to use the Vscan Air App, an additional layer of security is provided to protect PHI and image data.  Signing in creates a user context, which allows the App to export data to the appropriate cloud account and initiate a remote collaboration session (if a digital subscription is purchased). 


When using a shared mobile device, signing in enables scans conducted by different users to be identified. However, access to other capabilities (like entering patient information, exporting data, access to digital features, etc.) will not be available without signing in.

What criteria must the password follow?

The password must be at least 8 characters long, with at least one letter and one number.  You cannot use a password you have previously used.


I do not want to create an account. Can I still use Vscan Air?  

You can scan with Vscan Air using Guest mode if the probe and App have already been registered by someone else. However, access to other capabilities like entering patient information, exporting data, access to digital features, etc. will not be available without signing in. 

Why can’t I register a probe with Fleet Solution?

Fleet Solution is intended for enterprises. One of the features of this solution is to enable consistent registration and centralized monitoring of devices used in the Enterprise. Thus, only administrators can register probes enabled with the Fleet Solution. To request administrator access, sign into myvscan.gehealthcare.com and open the profile page. Note: Only individuals expecting to manage their organization’s fleet of probes should request administrator access.


I have a Vscan Extend which I have registered. Can I use the same credentials?

No.  You will need to create a new account by registering via the App.  Once created, this account can be used to access other GE Healthcare applications. 


Do I need to be on the internet to sign in? 

Yes, a network connection is required when signing in. This is achieved via Wi-Fi or via cellular connection. 


Can I set up my device to sign me out automatically? 

Yes.  Use the Automatic Sign-out setting in the Configuration Menu to select the desired duration for a sign-in session. Note that automatic sign-out is not triggered if the app is in use and will be postponed until the app is idle.


Can I prevent the App from signing me out? 

Yes.  Use the Automatic Sign-out setting in the configuration menu  to select the desired duration for the session.  It can be set to “Never” if you wish to leave yourself signed in.  In order to maintain the correct user context, this is not recommended for shared mobile devices. For example, if User A is signed into a shared tablet, but user B uses it for a scan and exports exam data to MyImageCloud, the data will end up in User A’s account. Similarly, an export to a PACS destination within the hospital will have User A listed in the performing physician tag.

Do I need to sign-in each time I close the app?  

No.  If you do not sign out, the app will remain signed-in for the duration set by the Automatic Sign-out setting even if it is closed.   The Automatic Sign-out duration can be selected to your desired duration from the Configuration Menu. 


How do I speed up my sign-in process?  Do I need to enter my email address each time?

If you click the Remember Me box on the sign-in page, the app will remember your email address, so you will not need to enter it each time.  The last 5 entries will be remembered, if multiple users are signing in. If needed, scan functionality is available without signing-in by clicking on Guest.

Products mentioned in this material may be subject to government regulation and may not be available in all countries. Please check with your local GE representative for details.

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