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Probe Connectivity

Learn about the probe connectivity indicators such as Connection and Probe Battery Status, Wireless Connection Quality Indicator, Probe Temperature Indicator and Thermal Management

Connection and Probe Battery Status

No out-line of the probe and no battery charge indication - NOT CONNECTED TO PROBE

White out-line of the probe and battery charge indication - CONNECTED TO PROBE

  1. White out-line of the probe
  2. Battery charge indication

Wireless Connection Quality Indicator

1. Wireless connection quality indicator

A wireless probe has a limited inherent risk of a disrupted connection due to various factors that could lead to loss of real time imaging.

The ‘Wireless connection quality indicator’ provides a visual indication of the connection quality between the probe and the app during scanning. An unstable connection may result in loss of image quality or slow image update during real time imaging.

  1. Stable connection
  2. Unstable connection

Probe Temperature Indicator and Thermal Management

1. Thermal indicator

The ‘Probe temperature indicator’ tracks and displays changes in the operating temperature of the probe during scanning.

Factors affecting probe temperature are:

  • Transducer: Curved array transducer gets warm more quickly than linear array due to higher power consumption.
  • Preset: Certain presets like Abdominal and cardiac have higher power requirements depending on the image settings causing the probe to warm up faster than other presets.
  • Mode: Operating in Color flow mode warms up probe faster than Black and white mode.
  • Length of scan: Duration of continuous scanning.
  • Ambient temperature: Higher ambient temperatures can cause the probe to warm faster.

The thermal management system of Vscan Air CL automatically reduces some parameters such as frame rates or image width to keep the probe temperature within optimal functional levels to support continuous scans up to 50 mins*.

There are 5 thermal management levels (0-4). Level 0 is the initial state when starting with a cool probe as indicated in the figure below. The probe temperature changes during a scan based on the factors described above. The temperature indicator reflects these changes as shown in figure below as the different thermal levels are activated. A user notification on the screen accompanies these changes (refer ‘Thermal indicator below).

*Vscan Air supports 50 mins continuous scan time (with new and dully charged battery using 80% gray scale and 20% color doppler imaging at 22 deg C room temperature) with thermal management levels. 5 mins exams per battery charge on:

  • Curved array presets - 7-10
  • Linear array presets - 8-13
NOTE: Probe temperature and related user notifications are independent of the probe battery status.

Thermal indicator levels

1. Level 0
2. Level 1
3. Level 2
4. Level 3
5. Level 4

Thermal indicator toast message

  1. Level 3
  2. Level 4

 Thermal warning message

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended to replace the product’s User Manual. Please consult the User Manual for comprehensive information and cautionary guidance about the product’s operation and use.

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