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This article contains information about accessing MyRemoteShare digital tools as well as a tutorial for additional information. 

Watch a video to learn more about MyRemoteShare: 

Is the call secure?

MyRemoteShare calls use Zoom for Healthcare. The connection is secure (i.e., encrypted end-to-end via the TLS protocol). It should be noted when that sharing the screen via MyRemoteShare, the remote participant will see everything on the user’s screen. Users are responsible for confirming participant identity and ensuring patient consents where appropriate. 


Why does GE Healthcare use Zoom?  

Zoom is a leading provider of collaboration software, with a simple-to-use interface that many are familiar with. MyRemoteShare uses the Zoom for Healthcare application, which ensures the sessions are encrypted end-to-end.


I don't want to approve every participant. 

You can turn off this feature in the RemoteShare Settings menu, which can be accessed via the gear button on the MyRemoteShare panel.


I use an iPhone and MyRemoteShare calls are not going through. 

Since Apple does not support a second Wi-Fi connection when the phone is connected to the probe, you will need to use cellular data for MyRemoteShare. You can enable cellular data prior to starting a session by enabling cellular data on the Vscan Air (bypassing Wi-Fi and using cellular data for the remote session). Note: Minimum 4G data service is required, and standard data rates will apply.


How can I use this with an iPad? 

Since the Wi-Fi module on Apple devices supports only a single connection, which is required to connect to the probe, a SIM-enabled device is required along with a 4G service to use MyRemoteShare on an iPad. Standard data rates will apply. MyRemoteShare calls cannot be placed using an iPad with only Wi-Fi capability and no cellular service.

Android tablets do not require cellular data service for using MyRemoteShare.


I am in a hospital and calls are not going through. 

If you’re using an Apple device, enable cellular data and Wi-Fi Assist.  If you are using an Android device, ensure that strong Wi-Fi network access is available.   Make sure that the hospital firewall is not blocking the access server. If so, please whitelist the following URL: https://api.zoom.us/v2/users

How can a remote user comment on the image?

At this time, comments and arrows are enabled for the remote participant only if the host Vscan Air app is running on an Android device. To enable commenting for your participant, click on the comments tool bar on the app. This will enable the "Comment" menu item in the Zoom tool bar for the participant. 

Products mentioned in this material may be subject to government regulation and may not be available in all countries. Please check with your local GE representative for details.


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