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Configure Network Shared Folder

Follow the procedure below to configure a new Network Shared Folder.

1. Press Menu -> Configuration -> Server Settings.


 Server Settings


2. Press Add Server in “Server Settings” screen.


Add Server



3. In “Add New Server” screen, select “Network Shared Folder” from the drop down list of “Server Type” and enter the configuration information in the respective fields to add Network Shared Folder.

If you wish to share additional comprehensive exam information (Patient/Exam information), select the check box "Add exam info". See ‘Comprehensive exam info’ for more information.


Enter Configuration Information


4. Press “Verify Server” to verify communication with the Network Shared Folder.

Verify server succeed” pop-up message displays if the communication with the server is established successfully.

Press OK and then Press “Add” to add the Network Shared Folder.

If communication fails, check the server settings and make necessary corrections.


 Verify Network Shared Folder


NOTE: Make sure that the display device hosting the Vscan Air App and the configured network folder are connected to the same network.


5. Once the Network Shared Folder is added, the server name will be available under Server Settings. If this is the first Network Shared Folder that you are adding, by default it will be the favorite server. If there are more than one Network shared folders configured, then one of them has to be chosen as the favorite Network Shared Folder. To select a Network Shared Folder as a favorite, tap on the respective star mark and press YES on the pop-up message screen.


 Network Shared Folder as Favorite

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended to replace the product’s User Manual. Please consult the User Manual for comprehensive information and cautionary guidance about the product’s operation and use.

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