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The Vscan Air CL is a dual headed battery-operated ultrasound device. The Vscan Air CL has a linear array on one side, and a curved array on the opposite side. It generates a beam of ultrasound that is transmitted into the subject's body. The reflection of this beam is transformed into an image that is wirelessly transmitted to a phone or a tablet and displayed via the installed Vscan Air app.

The Vscan Air App provides the user interface and the needed software functionality for using a generic mobile device as a display and control unit for ultrasound imaging. The generic mobile device must be operating with either Android OS or iOS. The Vscan Air app is available for installation via the Google Play store and the Apple App store.

Vscan Air CL

  1. Power button
  2. Manufacturing port - sealed
  3. Curved array 
  4. LED indicator
  5.  Linear array

NOTE: To charge Vscan Air CL refer  Charging Vscan Air