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The About option displays - Registered devices, App version info, Probe version info, Regulatory, Account information, Acknowledgements and Export audit logs.



  • Registered devices - Displays status for the Vscan Air app registration and the connected Vscan Air probe.
  • Vscan Air probe serial number - The probe serial number identifying the connected probe is displayed.

Registered devices

  1. Probe not connected
  2. Registered Probe
  • Unregister

To unregister Vscan Air CL probe or Vscan Air App, you select "Unregister" and confirm.

If unregistered, Vscan Air CL probe will be disconnected. To re-register, you must connect and complete registration.

If unregistered, Vscan Air App current registration and any connected probe will disconnect. The app will still be available, and a new registration will be required.

  • App version info - Displays App software version, App software revision and the unique identifier of the installed Vscan Air app.


 App version info (example)

  • Probe version info

Probe version info - Displays Probe software version and Probe software revision

Probe version info (example)

  1. Unregistered Probe
  2. Registered Probe
NOTE: The UDI information and the separate listing of the probe serial number can be found as part of the probe label.
NOTE: The UDI information relating to the App can be found on the Regulatory page.

  • Regulatory


  1. Before registration
  2. After registration
  • Account information

1. Press the Account information tab.

Account Information

2. Use the existing Vscan Air user account email and password to log in.

Connect to existing account

3. Update the account details if needed.

Account details

4. Check to confirm the given information.

5. Press Submit, to update the Account details.

 Account details Updated


  • Acknowledgements - Displays the third party software license.



  • Export logs - Audit log data can be stored to an internal storage destination. Refer Audit logs for more 

Export logs