Connectivity & Data Management FAQs

Can I scan without an Internet connection?
Data transmission between app and probe is based on Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Direct for Android, Access Point for iOS). Bluetooth is facilitating the original identific...
Do images delete automatically?
You can choose to automatically delete data after export to a storage server. Read more in user manual, under 'Vscan Air Configuration', 'Aut...
Is an Internet connection required for the registration process?
You must be connected to the Internet during the probe activation and registration of the App but not for regular use of Vscan Air.
What are the data export options on the Vscan Air?
Vscan Air comes with many data export options, like "Share with other apps", DICOM® server and Network shared folder. Learn more in the User Manua...
How can I manage multiple apps and probes at a hospital? (Mobile Device Manager, etc.)
At this time, individual mobile devices and probes need to be independently set up and managed.   
What are the probe to app connectivity options?
There are currently no user-configurable connectivity options.
What does “Your institution’s mobile device manager controls the content on your device” mean?
The Vscan Air app can be deployed on devices controlled by a Mobile Device Manager (MDM). MDMs are typically used by organizations to manage mobile devices ...
Can we export images to Tricefy™?
Yes, but currently not as a seamlessly integrated solution. You can store images locally on your device and import images using the Tricefy web portal.  
Can you turn off the archive option on the Vscan Air?
You can configure the data to be deleted automatically from the display device after exporting it to specified DICOM® Image Server. See more information in ...
Does patient information come over on DICOM® and Network file share?
Patient and exam data can be exported via DICOM® or Network file share. Find more information in the User Manual à ‘Export Data’.