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Potential Causes

Recommended Actions

The Wi-Fi Quality indicator indicates insufficient network bandwidth. It is likely the update of the image display will appear to stutter (pausing and resuming repeatedly).

The primary channel that was chosen by the probe to establish the network is the same as that of one or more networks in the area, and the existing network congestion is limiting the throughput of the Vscan Air network.

On an iOS device, disconnect from the probe by closing the Vscan Air app. When the probe returns to searching (waiting to pair), launch the app again. The probe randomly selects a primary channel for iOS devices, and choosing a different one may solve the throughput issue.

An Android device connected to an existing network prior to pairing with the probe might negotiate with the probe to form the results in a situation where the Wi-Fi module on the Android device becomes inefficient at managing the throughput of both networks.

On the Android device, disconnect from the probe by closing the Vscan Air app.

Navigate to the Wi-Fi section of Settings and either “Forget” the network the device was connected to prior to pairing or turn off “Auto-connect” (may also be called “Auto reconnect”) and disconnect from the network. Launch the app again. The new network will be formed on a random selection of the supported channels the probe and Android device have in common. In the event there is still an indication of insufficient network bandwidth, close the app and launch again (a strategy like the one for iOS above).